– by the one Brother N. O’Lantern, DKMU.

. This works for any belief system. Make any changes to this process as you deem necessary. Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.

. If you have an altar already set up in some area of your house, make sure there’s a stereo nearby. Headphone use is not ideal, but in a pinch they will do the trick. If there’s no altar, clear a space with the stereo close, sit on the ground in a comfortable position, and visualise a magick circle around you.

. Adorn the room containing your altar/magick circle with the appropriate colours and scents. Useful colours include blue, silver, grey, black, and white. For scents, the old incense standby Nag Champa is fine. Sandalwood is also good, or Patchouli, but if you have a particular association with another scent, and meditation, then use that.

. Sit on the floor, inside the circle, with the CD ready to play. Visualising your circle as a shimmering blue/silvery line surrounding you, and blocking out all interference, be it psychic or otherwise. Close your eyes.

. Remaining aware that this space around you is totally pure and clean, perform a banishing ritual that you are familiar with. For those not familiar with this concept, have a look at the track titles for the CD at this point. Notice that the first letter of each track is L, B, R, P: Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Realise then, that the banishing has already begun. From there, make yourself aware that the space within your circle seems cleaner, fresher, almost sterile, compared to the space outside it. Take a deep breath, visualising the blue/silver energy of the circle being drawn into the center, into yourself. Hold that breath until it’s about to become uncomfortable, then exhale sharply, visualising all that energy surging outwards, into the border of the circle, with any remaining negativity spilling over the top. It cannot get back in now.

. Play CD. During the first track, LEAK, become aware of the malleable nature of Time. Think of a point in your past when time seemed to fly by, or drag on, and realise that your perception of Time is simpy that, your perception. Realise that Time does not in fact have it’s own properties, or obey any rules. Time appears to you, the way you make it appear. Once you realise this, you can stretch and compress it at will, and even fold it over on itself, to peer at the so-called future, or back at the so-called past.

. Contemplate these possibilities, during the 2nd track, BANDIT. You are becoming a bandit, a rebel, at this point, as you are no longer following the “rules” that come with a traditional view of Time. During track 3, REVERSE, you can start to contemplate what you can achieve with this sort of new perspective. You may rewrite your own history at this point, if that’s what your goal is.

. Track 4, PROCESS, is designed to let you glimpse events that lay ahead. Understand that this is not necessarily set in stone, as any single point in Space or Time can connect to absolutely any other point, anywhere, forever. By the end of this track, you should be aware that Time is not a linear process. We see it this way, but with some practice, we can begin to change this point of view. Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.

. When the EP stops, feel free to continue to meditate, with the CD on repeat, or in silence. Any other things you were trying to achieve (astral travel, psychic connection, etc.) can be attempted at this point.

. Whenever you feel like it’s time to stop, slowly become aware that you are sitting on the ground, on the Earth. Breath deeply, slowly, several times, and on the last breath, repeat the banishing described above, or whatever your banishing of choice was earlier. Open your eyes.

. Make notes about the feelings/experiences you had during the ritual, and next time you do this, have a read through those before you begin.


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