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here’s a bunch more tracks to preview from the AMdiscs album I released a while ago – Moon Worship.

Moon Worship is a free download via AMdiscs, with the option to donate a couple bucks if you really really like it.




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click cover for link. free download or pay if you like.


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(not that the delay was intended).

MOON WORSHIP is still coming out via AMDISCS. when? “sometime this week,” I’m told. so keep an eye out over there. i will endeavour to mention it on here, facebook, twitter, the TV, astral plane, etc.

MOON WORSHIP is the summary of a period of exactly that: moon worship. it was something of an experiment, both in sound, and in terms of my personal idealogies. perhaps one day i’ll go into the personal side of it, but not now. anyway, the sound of this release is kind of all over the place. more experiments in drone and repetition, a touch of the triangle-step, i was trying to push my limited and archaic equipment to its limits. i’ll break it down track-by-track once i know the album is released.

after this is out, i’m going to continue exploring the slightly more tribal sound that appeared on WIRED RITUAL, which was the first piece made with some *gasp* new equipment. if you haven’t heard that yet, please give it a listen. and i’m always keen to hear your thoughts.

apart from that, i’ve got a few re-mixes/workings in mind. the kids love remixes right? well, hey, if you’ve got any ideas for something i should remix, let me know.

ps. if anyone wants to pay for a run of CDs or even wax, get at me. ha.