“Post Human Possibilities” is the name of my new release, set to come out on January 25th. it has 6 tracks and runs for about 37 minutes, so I guess it’s an EP. that’s the cover up there, but it’s not exactly a great representation of what the physical product is supposed to look like. soon as we have that ready i’ll show you what i mean.

so from the 25th it will be available on – but that night i am also play at Analogue to Digital 7, where you’ll be able to grab the real thing in CD-r format. this series of events is held at SCITECH, and several times throughout the night, you’ll be able to go interact with the exhibits in the place. there’s two sections of performance, featuring artists CRAIG MCELHINNEY, FURCHICK, ADAM BURGES (GUEST SPEAKER), BRAIN FULL OF LIGHT, NO HAND PATH, K WILSON and a special SCITECH HIGH VOLTAGE SHOW. here’s the facebook page. and this is a little article about the whole thing.

here’s a bit of a place holder for the EP too. on the upcoming BLACK FRIDAY, this page will see one track for your sneak previewing pleasure.


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