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merry whateveryouwannacallit

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“Untitled” – Ourobonic Plague; a 20 minute excursion into… things.


tis better to give… etc.

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check back here soon for a little free audio action. what date exactly? well… some time in the coming week. i think you can figure what day it will be. i think you can…

plague got legs

Posted in preview, Retro-Active Enchantments on October 14, 2009 by ourobonicplague

another preview, another site.

GO HERE for another snippet from the “Retro-Active Enchantments” release. which may actually be a lot longer than your standard EP. things are movin… stay tuned…

time bandits

Posted in preview, Retro-Active Enchantments on October 13, 2009 by ourobonicplague

there’s another sneak preview track over at the myspace. “BANDIT” (the track) is from the upcoming release “Retro-Active Enchantments.”

meditation in shambhalah

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stranger in a strange land

Posted in Retro-Active Enchantments, THE END on October 1, 2009 by ourobonicplague

hello. this is ourobonic plague speaking. finally i’ve caved in and been convinced to develop some kind of online presence. this is going to be a space for some exclusives and first listens. first listens from releases such as these two, both finished and just about ready to go.

  • Ourobonic Plague – “THE END” EP – Mini CD release coming soon on eco.tone records [limited edition of 25]

  • Ourobonic Plague – “RETRO-ACTIVE ENCHANTMENTS” EP – CD-R release coming soon [limited edition of ?]

stay tuned for some samples from these two, right here on the blog. til then, new track “NOT AT HOME” [from “THE END”] is up over at .